My Role:
Design & Flash Animation
At The Dawn of Online Streaming Video...
The year is 2006 and streaming video on the internet is starting to become a standard. launched their online streaming video feature in conjunction with their fall 2006 season and encouraged TV viewers to watch the previous week’s episode online. Keep in mind that this is at the peak of the hit TV franchise LOST. In true TV fashion the video player had default commercial breaks at regular intervals and various brands would advertise across the entire viewing experience.
Innovation Opportunities for the Online Advertisement
The majority of ads being shown at the time were simply a branded background graphic with a 320×240 video commercial. I can understand how this was a highly practical solution, but did not take advantage of the interactive opportunities that the internet offers.

Nissan approached Schematic to produce a media-rich, interactive advertisement in lieu of the traditional 30sec video spot. An experience that resembled more of a micro-site than a traditional advertisement.

Corresponding with the theme “You could pretty much live in it” an advertorial was created complete with a webisode documenting Mark Horowitz living all aspects of his life out of his Nissan Sentra for a week, a 360 turn-around view of the car to highlight various features, and all placed within the context of various scenes from Southern California.

This advertorial was built using Flash, since Flash was king in those days, and allowed for the media-rich experience that Nissan was striving for.
Different Scenes for all Aspects of Life
Carrying through with the theme “You could pretty much live in it” various scenes were styled to display the car in all aspects of daily life. At the beach, on a date, at work, at a party – your Nissan Sentra becomes a natural extension of your life.

As the Flash production designer on the team I was responsible for scene animation styling and transitions really focusing on the subtle details to create a vibrant setting.
Feature Highlights & Descriptions
Clicking on one of the feature touch points brought up a feature description panel. Everything from a Pro Audio car stereo system, to an optional welcome mat or lawn ornaments, to a premier news paper delivery system. These touch points allowed for a fun method of discovery.
“Do Not Disturb” Display Your Status
As a fun take-away users could scroll through a set of pre-made mirror hangers that displayed their status. User could download a PDF of their favorites to print out, trim, and hang on their rear-view mirror.

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