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My Role:
Art Direction, UX/UI, Design
Making The Impossible Possible
An online “conversation starter” optimized for the iPad to introduce new partners and potential investors to the vision of XPRIZE. By showcasing previously awarded prizes and future goals this guide communicates the spirit of innovation that drives the XPRIZE Foundation and presents available partnership opportunities that benefit humanity.
Typography & Imagery
The XPRIZE Foundation had an established brand identity that utilized FF DIN in their print materials so we decided to carry it through to their online promotional media. The range in weights made for great section headers and matching body copy. XPRIZE had a wealth of imagery to choose from so the challenge was curating the best pieces and bringing them together to tell a visual story.
Audacious, but Achievable
A brief history on the inspirational trans-atlantic flight that sparked the idea for the XPRIZE foundation. Each main section utilized this template to provide an overview and links to additional sub-content to further expound on the section’s theme.
Welcome To A New Era of Philanthropy
A letter of introduction by XPRIZE CEO Peter Diamandis. The full scale imagery throughout the guide provided a great backdrop and contrasted well with the typography to create both a bold visual and simple reading experience.
Active & Awarded Prizes
The online guide featured 8 active or awarded prizes highlighting the proposed challenge and, if awarded, images and video of the award winning solution. The QUALCOMM Tricoder XPRIZE and Google Lunar XPRIZE are featured below.
X Prize In Numbers
A fun way to highlight numbers that have been significant in the XPRIZE story.
A Network of Supporters
Quotes and testimonials from the XPRIZE network of supporters to highlight some of the key figures in the XPRIZE community and inspire new partners and potential investors.

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