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My Role:
Art Direction, UX/UI, Design
Lessons Worth Sharing
TED-Ed is an online platform that provides users with the ability to create customized lessons from a curated library of educational TED-Ed original videos or any YouTube video and then track their lesson’s impact on the world, a class, or an individual student as lessons are distributed publicly or privately.

7X Webby & People’s Voice Award Winner
Webby Award Winner & People's Voice Award for Education
Webby Award Winner for Best Practices
Type & Illustrations
Carrying the minimalistic style of the TED brand we wanted to create a fun discovery experience that was driven by type. We utilized Helvetica Light to complement the Helvetica Bold and the distinctive “TED Red” of the logo. A big part of TED-Ed are the TED-Ed original animated videos and we wanted to bring a “youthful hipster sketch” illustration style that would act as a highlight via motion transitions and cursor hovers to keep the focus on type and content.
Sort Lessons by Genre, Content, or Duration
One of the core features of TED-Ed is to be a lesson repository for educators so we paired the playful-discovery of the other views with a straight forward browse and sort view. Educators can quickly find a lesson to share with their students based on lesson genre, content, or duration.
Playful Discovery
Most TED-Ed original animated videos are produced as part of a series or grouped together by theme. This is were we really got a chance to create a playful discovery experience that was driven by type, but still kept the focus on the content. Motion illustrations reveal on hover of the various themes and provide an illustrated background for the title of a selected series.
Flip a YouTube Video To Create A Custom Lesson
Educators are able to utilize TED-Ed to create custom lessons from any YouTube video. Searching for a topic brings back YouTube video results that an educator can browse and preview before selecting for their lesson. Educators are then able to customize and edit all aspects of the online lesson before distributing to their students.
Flip Teaching & The Online Lesson
Taking inspiration from the Flip Teaching movement TED-Ed lessons utilize videos as the main “take-home” teaching component and take advantage of multiple choice and open response questions to gage students retention with the goal of maximizing the face-to-face time to workshop the students answers in the class room.
Create Your Own Lesson
Creating your own lesson allows you to customize all aspects of the lesson to share with your intended student audience. A simple one-page experience, WYSIWYG editor, and subsequent lesson response dashboard allows for an excellent online presentation method of a lesson worth sharing.

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